Pre + Post Care Guidelines

If you are receiving a spray tan service from me, these pre and post care guidelines are super important! If not followed, I am not able to ensure that your tan turns out flawlessly. I absolutely cannot guarantee perfect results. Tanning is done at your own risk. There are many factors that go into spray tanning, including your hormones and skin turnover rate. However, I am able to recognize when pre and post care is not followed. Please be sure to follow these to the best of your ability.

Pre Care info:

Waxing + shaving: If you choose to remove hair, it should be completed at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you shave, please do so with a razor that lacks a moisture strip.

Exfoliation: As soon as you book your appointment, begin exfoliating every other day. Stop exfoliating 24 hours before your appointment. Stay away from a body scrub or loofah combo, as most scrubs are oil based. Opt for an exfoliating mitt instead.

Spa treatments: Tanning should always be the last beauty treatment completed due to the barriers that spa treatment products can create. Complete all facials, massages, etc the day prior.

No barriers: Forgo any lotions, oils, deodorant, perfumes or makeup the day of your appointment. All of these can create a barrier on the skin that the tan will not adhere to.

Clothing: Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing with open toed sandals. Long sleeves and long pants are best. Please note that the bronzer solution may transfer to your items, but is water soluble and should wash out!

Showering: Any bar soaps or cream based body washes (Dove specifically) are known to leave a residue on the skin and can create a barrier that the tan cannot penetrate through. This may cause streaks after development. Any gel-based body wash is best. Showering should be completed at least 4 hours prior to tanning to allow your pH levels to neutralize. Rinsing with cold water at the end of the shower will help ensure your tan is flawless.

Post care info:

Before rinsing: Do not get wet or sweat until your initial rinse. This means no showering, kisses from pets, working out, lotions, or liquid foundations on the skin until you take your initial rinse.

No touching your tan: If you touch yourself while your tan is developing, this could result in stained palms. Wait to touch your skin until after your first rinse.

Initial rinse: If you do not rinse at your designated time, your tan may develop too light or too dark. Try to rinse at the time given to you at your appointment. During your first rinse, do not use any soap. Simply rinse with cold or lukewarm water and guide the bronzer off with your hand. If you see streaks after the shower, hop back in and keep rinsing.

Stay hydrated: A hydrated tan is a happy tan! Moisturize your skin at least twice daily with a moisturizer that does not contain mineral oil. A tan extending lotion that contains DHA is recommended after day 3. In addition to lotion, be sure to drink lots of water.

Future showers: Avoid using any loofahs or wash rags during your showers. It is best to wash with hands only in sensitive areas to ensure a long-lasting tan. A gel-based body wash is best.

Activity check: Avoid swimming in the pool or ocean for long periods of time, long hot showers/baths, saunas, or excessive sweating. If you must do any of these things, be sure to moisturize extra prior to any activities.

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